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Your online sales funnel contains three to five of the most valuable web pages you will ever create. Click Funnels are being aggressively marketed as the only solution available to quickly and easily create sales funnels online; however, as you’ll learn in this post, that is not true.

There are simple and effective Click Funnel alternatives available to you that can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year. You can then take that saved money and use it to invest in Facebook advertising instead.

Why am I interested in sharing with you my ClickFunnels alternative?
Simple… Clickfunnels did me wrong.

I bought into the hype around ClickFunnels that was being portrayed by their affiliate program who all earn 40% commissions. However, those affiliates are not telling the full story and instead paint Click Funnels as a bug-free and stable solution with great support. I found that this is not the case and their support has been less than helpful to me.

With Click Funnels’ decision to pay 40% of monthly fees in affiliate commissions, that also makes them overpriced by at least 40% as well. You then take the companies cut out,and you are overpaying by literally 60% plus compared to investing a few hours in building your own sales funnel.

Are you prepared to throw $3236 down the drain every year to save a few hours???

My time is valuable, but not THAT valuable, which is why I choose to save that money and use the DIY option you are about to learn here today.

It is far more valuable to invest that $3,236 per year in more Facebook advertising!

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There are no free squeeze pages available that you can truly build a reliable income and internet based business on. Even if you have the skills to hand code your squeeze pages and sales pages, you will still need to pay for hosting and for the email service provider.

With that said, this post shows exactly how you can DIY the most cost-effective Leadpages competitor and Clickfunnels competitor using WordPress.

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